​glock 17 grip chop to accept glock 19 magazines                ​

Textured  REmovable back strap

Inner Trigger Guard cutout

 Polymer Refined specializes in custom stippling and frame modification for polymer frame handguns such as Glock, M&P series, springfield XD, and others. The list of frame modifications include:

-Removal of finger grooves- reduces the circumference               of the gun  and allows for a higher grip 

-Magazine release scallop All the benefits of an extended              magazine release button without the risk of accidentally                                  engaging it (NOT available on glock gen 4 frames)

-Textured "ledge" frame flatsFor those that use a                        thumbs forward grip. gives a reference point to ensure you get the             same  grip every time. The ledge also gives your forward thumb                       something to  dig into to mitigate recoil and get back on target                       faster (not available on single stack frames)

​-Inner Trigger Guard Cutout - ​This consists of removing                            material from inside of the trigger guard to allow more       room   for   Shooters who wear gloves or want to get more finger on the trigger


-Single and Double trigger guard undercut                     Allows for a higher grip, giving you more control over the gun for              faster follow up shots.

-Grip Reduction (Glock ONLY) - flattens the "hump" on the glock backstrap

-GRip Chop  (glock 17 to 19, 19 to 26)All the benefits of a              longer barrel and sights radius with the concealability of a                            smaller  gun

-And more...

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