​​Regular frame                                                      $150

(Glock 26/M&P Compact and above)

Includes all texturing options EXCEPT grip chop                                                                     

Single stack frame                                              $125

(M&P Shield/Glock 42/43/Beretta Nano/XDs) 

MAGAZINE BASEPLATE/ BACK STRAP                              $25

GRIP CHOP (GLOCK19 TO 26, 17 TO 19)                             $50
This service requires full texturing and is 
offered as an addition only                  

Add $15 For return shipping (Sig P320 FREE return shipping).  

free additional texturing options

[textured frame flats, trigger guard undercut, removal of finger grooves

enhanced additional texturing options

Magazine release cutout                                        $15

double Trigger guard undercut                         $10

Ledge Flats   (Per side)                                               $10

Glock Grip (hump) reduction                                 $20