​​​​​​Regular frame                                                            $150

(Glock 26/M&P Compact and above)


​single stack frame                                                    $125

(M&P Shield/Glock 42/43/Beretta Nano/XDs) 

MAGAZINE BASEPLATE/ BACK STRAP                                    $25
​First baseplate free for glock 26/30/43

GRIP CHOP (GLOCK19 TO 26, 17 TO 19)                                    $50
This service requires full texturing and is 
offered as an addition only                  

free additional texturing options

textured frame flats,  Single trigger guard undercut, removal of finger grooves

enhanced additional texturing options

Magazine release cutout                                          $20

double Trigger guard undercut                           $15

Rounded trigger guard                                              $10

Ledge Flats   (Per side)                                                 $20

Glock Grip (hump) reduction                                   $20

Glock Inner Trigger Guard cutout                      $30